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Bloomfield's Prosser Public Library and P. Faith McMahon Wintonbury Library
are committed to enriching our community by providing opportunities to
acquire information and education while fostering inspiration and imagination.


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"Exploring Poetry, Together"

Poetry Reading Series and Open Mic runs monthly
October - April, third Thursdays, 7:00 P.M.


Held at the P. Faith McMahon Wintonbury Library

1015 Blue Hills Ave, Bloomfield, CT


Spark your creativity, make connections, and share the
gift of poetry! We offer readings by notable poets and a
warm, supportive atmosphere for sharing your own work!


Jane D'Arista

"The Hold of Family--Fields of Memory"
Thursday, November 20, 7:00 PM

Featuring Jane D'Arista and Charles Douthat

Two exquisite, well-published poets treat our common human life journey with great clarity, word music, wisdom, and warmth. Ms. D'Arista's new books is The Overgrown Copse (Antrim House Books). Mr. Douthat is author of Blue for Oceans, winner of the L.L. Winship/Pen New England Award.


Charles Douthat


Charles Fort

"The Last Black Hippie in Connecticut"
Thursday, December 18, 7:00 PM

Widely published poet Charles Fort reads with
"Renaissance Woman," prize winning poet Joanne Bauer

Two gifted, wry and intelligent poets with fascinating perspectives on living in America in the 20th and 21st centuries. Not to be missed! Mr. Fort is author of We Did Not Fear the Father, New and Selected Poems (Red Hen Press). Ms. Bauer's poems have been published by such journals as Theodate and her work was awarded a prize in a recent Connecticut Poetry Society contest.

Joanne Bauer


Poetry Sharing Page

Submissions for our Poetry Sharing Page will be reviewed for posting by Marilyn Johnston, coordinator of the Wintonbury Poetry & Open MIC program.


Postings will not appear immediately. Submissions can be received by Marilyn via CD or floppy, or by sending an e-mail to: Submit up to 3 one-page poems for consideration.


Be kinder than necessary...

Did that driver just cut you off in traffic?
Take a deep breath,
Say a prayer
Be kinder than necessary
because everyone is fighting some kind of battle

Is your neighbor being disrespectful?
Take a deep breath,
Say a prayer
Be kinder than necessary
because everyone is fighting some kind of battle.

Was the salesclerk rude to you today?
Take a deep breath,
Say a prayer
Be kinder than necessary
because everyone is fighting some kind of battle

Is a co-worker making your life difficult?
Take a deep breath,
Say a prayer
Be kinder than necessary
because everyone is fighting some kind of battle

Your siblings getting on your nerves?
Take a deep breath,
Say a prayer
Be kinder than necessary
because everyone is fighting some kind of battle

by Bev George

(posted 11-19-14)


No Baseball Tonight, So I
Grabbed A Bat, of Sorts

Audience-less, I step to
the plate, wagging my wooden wand.

'It's dark and late', say you, but I reply,
"That's the time the balls fly far.'

Dark is the creative person's mecca,
inner weather conditions perfect for travel.

The time when a poet zeroes in, using his or her
inner ear to swing freely.
No telling how high the object will ascend!

by Nancee Cheffet

(posted 11-19-14)


So Much to Worry Over,
Still, Remnants To Savor

We may play our games under the shadow of doom.
Still, let the games be good ones until the whistle blows.
Why deem it silly to find joy in the trivial.?
Whatever we use to fill up our hearts with hope will do.

Let's not scoff at anyone else's dreams, even if seemingly
unlikely to attain.

Ride that rocking-horse.

If it quickens your heart-beat, let your face flush,
as the finish-line comes into view!

SOMEONE will have to be the winner; why not you?

by Nancee Cheffet

(posted 10-17-14)


Solitude: Tonight, So Easy to Digest

It's a feeling of carrying my intimates within
my heart tonight, they dwelling down the hall,
or two hundred miles away.
As the sweet music drifts over my
hunkered-down form, versing away
at will, it seems not so bad to be here,
to be the poet, laboring with love,
harboring in her heart soft warmth
for the many.

by Nancee Cheffet

(posted 9-17-14)

When only a poem will do.

Sometimes, we need to
"Speak our mind"
These are the times
When only a poem will do.
Sometimes , a single word might not suffice.
These are the times
When only a poem will do.
Sometimes , what we have to say might not be nice
These are the times
When only a poem will do.
Sometimes we have to "bite our tongue".
These are the times
When only a poem will do.
Sometimes we might not know how to say "I love you".
These are the times
When only a poem will do.

by Bev George

(posted 9-5-14)


At One A.M., I Write On

The Accountants, and such, may drudge
through a long, hard day, but, for a poet,
with mind alive, her craft must be plied often
through, till dawn.
And, that am I, a working poet, wages paid
seeing that fruit of my long labor, splash down
on the waiting page.

The over-coming of all strife and pain,
that pure elan of creating and enthusing:
Yes, it was worth the aftermath of being stretched out
by my own ideas, my hand clasped in the one of
my higher power...

by Nancee Cheffet

(posted 9-5-14)


"Fresh-Cut Flowers Are Poetry"

Fresh-cut flowers can pierce our hearts.
Every wisp of insight flitting by must be scooped up before
it has landed in the gaping void.
As we age, such insights flit away,
like a dream you'd had the night before.
Write it down, right then.
Before it's lost.
Quite lost, as is your youth!
Tend your softening mind, tend your fragile blossoms..
Feed them love!

by Nancee Cheffet

(posted 7-21-14)


What Causes Me To Feel Draped In Bounty

The music flows over me,
into my ears, and throughout my entire body,
as fingers tapping on black keys,
I savor self-expression.
Four hours and more, I have given myself
progressively more completely to the
near-holy past-time.
Save for the melodies, and the click
of the keys,
the silence is total.
A half-hour before the midnight hour,
many snore or silently exhale under the covers.
The thin coating of loneliness is like a dusting of
sugar on a slice of water-melon.

by Nancee Cheffet

 (posted 6-24-14)


Not just another Library

As you walk through the door
Of my favorite library
They greet you with a smile
Not sure how to use the Internet?
No sweat!
Loretta or Mara is there to help.
Need a hint
On how to print?
Loretta or Mara is there to help.
Don’t know where to look
For that special book?
Loretta or Mara is there to help.
Always so kind and friendly
They are there to assist those
Who want to succeed
They are there to help those
Who can’t read.
Do you have a poem you want to share?
Then have no fear.
Marilyn will check out your submission
And get permission
To put it on the Poetry website.
To Loretta, Mara, Marilyn and company
We are so grateful for all you do!
Thanks to you -This is not just another library!

by Bev George

(posted 6-6-14)


My Bumper, My Protector

On a very,very windy day as I tried to find a space in the

parking lot of a local supermarket

From the corner of my eyes

I saw an unattended grocery carriage approaching

I quickly steered to the left

Then I steered to the right.

But this collision was not to be avoided

This “hell on wheels”

Came right at my vehicle,

Almost as if it had sight.

I froze and watch

As the wind threw the

carriage into my car head on.

Thanks to my bumper. There was no damage!

Believe it or not,

Hours later, while at a light,

a distracted driver hit my car from
I was angry but relieved because

Thanks to my bumper. There was no damage!

The dictionary defines a bumper as a horizontal bar fixed across the front or
back of a motor vehicle to reduce damage in a collision.
In my opinion, a bumper is like

GOD protecting us from injury

by Bev George

(posted 5-5-14)



Slowly sinking clouds
Uneasy stillness
The feet of others quicken
Umbrella left behind
Air like a pregnant charm
White shirt, red tie, blue suit
The day’s meetings finished
Serendipity’s portal ajar
Drops like spears pierce the unsuspecting
The whimper of defense
The roar of immersion
Stress unravels
Pants are rolled up
Barefoot toes playfully wiggle
Walking, then twirling, then dancing
Puddle splashing
Unleashed, with Nature
Rippling laughter

by John P. Kneal

(posted 12-27-13)


Ball of Confusion

“Ball of Confusion
that’s what the world is today”

So sang The Temptations in 1970
The lyrics to their song included a list of problems that were tearing apart

The United States

“Segregation, determination, demonstration,
Integration, aggravation,

“Humiliation, obligation to our nation”

Air pollution, revolution, gun control”
Ball of Confusion
that’s what the world is today”

Fast forward to present day
Syria threat to the United States
"Ball of confusion...
Navy Yard shooting
"Ball of confusion...
Terror in Mall in Kenya.
"Ball of confusion...
Government shutdown
In the best country in the world!
"Ball of confusion...
It begs the question
Is our world still
A "ball of confusion"?

by Bev George

   (posted 10-14-13)

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