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Mockingjay (Part 2) in theaters on Nov. 20!

Hello from one of Prosser Public Library’s new Children’s Librarians! My name is Nicole Dolat, and I can’t wait to meet Bloomfield’s lively group of teens to find out what all of you are interested in…and what kind of information you’d like to see on this blog. Book reviews? Movie trailers? Manga read-a-likes?…

Have any of you been waiting as eagerly for the final Mockingjay movie as I have? And it’s almost here! It’s in theaters on November 20th – just in time for the Thanksgiving break. If this trailer doesn’t get you excited for Mockingjay Part 2, I don’t know what will…

Enjoy the trailer!


Comic Book Makeover – Summer Program

CBM 3We hosted a Comic Book Makeover with Z and Kyle Pasciutti of Decimated Designs. They did an amazing job experimenting with the look of Ben-Day dot style art made famous by pulp comics of the 1960’s. We all danced, joked around and had an overall good time during the photo shoot. Some of the pictures can be seen on our library’s ProsserTeens Instagram. Make sure you follow us!



Anyhow, we are finishing up the season next Monday, August 31 at 6:30 PM with our final Summer Season Teen Book Board meeting. The topic is going to be about reboots. See you then.

Overwatch Anticipation! & Drake Love.

Overwatch- Like nothing I’ve experienced with shooters. This game gives me so many flash backs, like when health is restored, for some reason I get images of Left4Dead reiki hands.The locations looks as if this shooter was made from the movie, Cool World.

Aged myself with THAT reference!

Cool World – Movie 1992

King’s Row – Overwatch

I think the most exciting aspect is Lucio’s gameplay. He’s fast on his skates, he self-heals with his own DJ mix, and he parkours hard on those walls. Once again, that parkouring gives me Fear 3 possession flashbacks. His weapon flashbangs in close range and has a quad-shot long range, rumor has it, Lucio is most vulnerable between those four rounds.

In true Blizzard form, it’s all about that raid with characters that have the ability categorization of tanks, healers, DPS… He seems like a Paladin with all the healing, “bro-sheilding”, and fighting ability.

Symmetra is a character who reminds me of my WOW Rogue days when she uses her Laser Turrets. She’s more my jam, I memorize the map and come from behind.

I haven’t played games in so long but this game has got me excited. I might even try to make it to PAX East this year and see what else is out there. Anyone else psyched?

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Of course I’m off the charts about Uncharted 4!! While I was watching the trailer, I saw a ring. Where was I during U3?! Was I just ignoring that comment Nate made to Elena, “You’re still wearing it.” Looks like the ring went from around the neck to back on the finger, I guess “It’s Complicated” (Eyeroll Shade).

Pre-baby, I would spend a whole Saturday campaigning with Drake and my ex. What a different life! Thank god I don’t have a console now. I would be way too tempted to play and use what little alone time I had to go treasure hunting.

This trailer is for you teens and adults with disposable income paired with freedom. Can you pour your drink on the ground for me? Thanks.