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Bloomfield's Prosser Public Library and P. Faith McMahon Wintonbury Library
are committed to enriching our community by providing opportunities to
acquire information and education while fostering inspiration and imagination.


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The Bloomfield Public Libraries are dedicated to providing our patrons with a wide-range of technologies and digital materials and services. We want to provide you with as open and smooth a computing experience as possible, while also attending to the need for security and privacy. If you need to print, scan, read an e-book, find an article, learn a skill, or simply surf the web, we have everything you need.

Public Computers/Printing Computer Classes & Individual Lessons
Wi-Fi/Scan/Fax/Copy Electronic Resources/Mobile

“A Computer When You Really Need One”
Public Computers and Printing

Computers  Whether you prefer a Mac or a Windows-based PC, the Bloomfield Public Libraries have you covered. The Prosser Public Library has 12 PCs in our adult department, 4 PCs in our children’s area, and 2 iMacs in our teen area. The McMahon Wintonbury Library branch has 8 PCs and 4 iMacs.

A few quick facts about these computers:

  • The libraries use the Cassie Computer Management system, which allows you to start a session with either a library card or a guest pass. (The password for card users is your last name.) When the Cassie screen is green, the computer is available for you to use. If no computers are available in the area where you wish to work, you can easily add yourself to the waiting list. CLICK HERE for more detailed Cassie instructions.

  • Session times vary based on the computer’s intended use. Sessions are for 15, 30, 60, or 90 minutes, with automatic renewals if no one is waiting.

  • Printing is $0.05 per black & white page and $0.50 per color page. Duplex printing is also available.
    All print jobs are sent to a print/reservation station with a vending machine attached. Print jobs are accessed with your card or guest pass, and then released once you deposit the appropriate amount into the vending machine. The machine accepts nickels, dimes, quarters, one dollar bills, and five dollar bills.

  • Most computers have MS Office 2007 Professional on them, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher, as well as the latest browsers, plug-ins, etc. to enhance your Internet experience. Downloading documents/photos/videos is permissible, as is using flash drives.

In addition to our regular PCs and Macs, both libraries have children’s game computers, which include games such as Arthur’s Teacher Trouble, Dora’s Magic Castle, Jumpstart Preschool, Reader Rabbit Toddler, and Stellaluna. These games are fun and educational!

Earbuds ($1.00) and Flash Drives ($5.00) are available for purchase at the adult circulation desk at both libraries.

“An Office Away from the Office”
Wireless, Scanning, Faxing, and Copying services

Whether you’re a student, a telecommuter, an entrepreneur, or just someone who needs a quiet place to work on your laptop, catch-up on paperwork, and scan/ fax/copy important documents, the Bloomfield Public Libraries offer services that give you an office away from the office.

Wireless Internet  The Prosser Public Library offers a robust Wi-Fi internet (named Prosser Wireless) that can be accessed from the login screen with the following: username: publicuser / password: guest. Wireless printing is available for laptop computers. CLICK HERE for wireless printing instructions.

The McMahon Wintonbury Library also has Wi-Fi Internet access on the network (named Wintonbury Library). No login information is required. The McMahon Wintonbury Library does not currently offer wireless printing, but the service is forthcoming.

Scanners  The Prosser Public Library has two PCs with scanners, and the McMahon Wintonbury Library has one PC with a scanner. The scanners are very easy to use, with one-button operation for creating JPGs (photo) or PDFs (read-only document) files. Additionally, these computers have a link to a free Internet faxing service that works well with the scanners. CLICK HERE for scanner instructions.

Fax Machine  The Prosser Public Library has a self-serve fax machine that can be used with either a credit/debit card or a prepaid fax card (available at the adult circulation desk). The first page is $1.75, with each additional page costing $1.00. (International faxes can be sent for $3.95 (first page) and $3.45 (each additional).

Copy Machine   A copy machine with a range of settings/options is available at both libraries. The cost to copy is $0.10 per page. There is no color option on these machines.

“Computer Literacy”
Laptop Computer Lab and Classes

Computer Classes  The Bloomfield Public Libraries recognize that computer literacy is essential for navigating today’s world. From keeping up with family and friends to applying for a job, more and more of our lives are being conducted on a computer. In December of 2012, the Friends of the Bloomfield Public Libraries donated money to acquire a laptop computer lab to be used for computer classes. This lab, equipped with 12 laptops, allows for hands-on learning. The Prosser Public Library offers a schedule of ongoing computer classes on a variety of topics, such as:

  • Introduction to Microsoft World, Levels I-III

  • Introduction to PCs, Levels I-II

  • Introduction to Excel

  • Introduction to Internet Browsing

  • Learn About Online Library Resources

  • Library E-Books for Mobile Devices

  • Mac Users Group

To help fit your schedule, classes are offered in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. CLICK HERE to see our calendar of events and to register for computer classes. Computer/Tech classes are marked with a yellow bar.

Individual Computer Lessons  One-on-One computer classes are available at both libraries by appointment. Please contact Allison Wilkos, by phone at 860-243-9721 or by email at, to set up a session. CLICK HERE for a checklist of computer skills that will help you decide on which areas to focus.

Typing Instruction  Typing Instructor software is available on the 6 PCs at the McMahon Wintonbury Library. This software offers full lesson plans to help even the most inexperienced students become great typists. You can save your work, chart your progress, and play games for those times when you just want to practice. Stop by the McMahon Wintonbury Library and give it a try, or contact Mara Whitman ( for help getting started.

“On-the-Go Gadgets”

Electronic Resources and Mobile Computing

Mobile Devices  Today’s smart phones, tablets, and e-readers put an enormous amount of computing power and information in the palms or our hands. The Bloomfield Public Libraries are dedicated to providing services, education, and assistance aimed at the latest on-the-go gadgets, whether you have a Kindle, iPad, Nook, or other tablet.

Library Content for Mobile Devices  E-books, downloadable audio books, and free music downloads can be accessed with your library card through our OverDrive, Freading, and Freegal services. Digital magazines, easily compatible with an app for your iPad, Kindle, Android device, or home computer, are available through our Zinio service. CLICK HERE to get started with these services (you will need a valid Bloomfield library card to access these services).

Online Resources  The Bloomfield Public Libraries offer a wide variety of online tools and resources for school work, personal research and education, consumer information, and job assistance. CLICK HERE to check out our electronic resources (you will need a valid Bloomfield library card to access these services).

Mobile Device Assistance  Our Tech Talk program is a drop-in session where tablet/e-reader/smart phone users can bring in their devices and receive help from library staff or tech-savvy volunteers. In addition, we offer periodic classes on using mobile devices with digital library services such as OverDrive and Freegal. One-on-One tablet help is also available by appointment. Contact Allison Wilkos, by phone at 860-243-9721 or by email at, for more information.


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