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bouncy ball

Summer Fun with Bouncy Balls!

What better way to have some summer fun than playing with polymers and making our very own BOUNCY BALLS! That’s right. With a few easy to find ingredients, our scientists were able to create their very own bouncy balls. Now, our bouncy balls didn’t have quite the “spunk” of the classic bouncy balls you find […] Read more >

Balloon Hovercrafts

Every now and again I like to try out an altogether new project with my Science Explorers, and this is one I’ve been wanting to test out for a while:  BALLOON HOVERCRAFTS. But before we get into the details of how our balloon hovercrafts were built (and how they work), let’s touch on a brief […] Read more >

Zap! Static Electricity…

Static electricity is always a popular topic with my scientists. Why? In part, I think it’s fun to learn about something that we all experience pretty much on a daily basis. When you walk across the floor in your socks and then get a shock when you touch the TV – that’s static electricity. When […] Read more >