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Voting Now Open for the 2017 Teens’ Top Ten!…

Voting is now open for the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) 2017 Teens’ Top Ten! Hosted on DOGObooks, teens can vote for up to three of their favorite titles from the 26 nominees. Voting is open now through October 14th. Winners will be announced the week after Teen Read Week which takes place Oct […] Read more >

New series by Kiera Cass!

If you’re a fan of The Selection series by Kiera Cass (I certainly am!), then you should definitely check out her new series based on the mythology of Sirens (you know, those ocean-bound ladies from Greek mythology who would sing men to their deaths). The title of her new book is The Siren, and we’ll […] Read more >

Mockingjay (Part 2) in theaters on Nov. 20!

Have any of you been waiting as eagerly for the final Mockingjay movie as I have? And it’s almost here! It’s in theaters on November 20th – just in time for the Thanksgiving break. If this trailer doesn’t get you excited for Mockingjay Part 2, I don’t know what will… Read more >

Comic Book Makeover – Summer Program

We hosted a Comic Book Makeover with Z and Kyle Pasciutti of Decimated Designs. They did an amazing job experimenting with the look of Ben-Day dot style art made famous by pulp comics of the 1960’s. We all danced, joked around and had an overall good time during the photo shoot. Some of the pictures […] Read more >

Overwatch Anticipation! & Drake Love.

Overwatch- Like nothing I’ve experienced with shooters. This game gives me so many flash backs, like when health is restored, for some reason I get images of Left4Dead reiki hands.The locations looks as if this shooter was made from the movie, Cool World. Aged myself with THAT reference! I think the most exciting aspect is […] Read more >

Bane Destroys Prosser Teens

The pictures are done!! I promised and Julien S. helped me deliver the goods. The Bane green screen from Batman Night this past July 23rd. Here are pictures showing Bane holding up some of our Prosser Teens just before he delivers his iconic back-breaking blow! Click on the book below to place a hold. (Remember […] Read more >

John’s Potato Salad

I once had the honor of eating John’s  Potato Salad. John is my co-worker at Prosser. I think he is amazing because for one he is UConn Legend, which makes him the elite of UConn Alums (Let’s go Huskies!) and second he makes an incredible potato salad. During a fall evening shift I was explaining […] Read more >

Ronda Has Joined The Revolution

If you haven’t heard, women are taking over the comedy world and getting big numbers! Amy Schumer, Abby Jacobson, Illana Glazer, Amy Poeler, Tina Fey…etc. (Can you believe I can put an ETC?!!!!) Sarah Thomas just became the first NFL referee, Becky Hammon is the first women’s NBA coach and everyone is going wild about […] Read more >

Batman Night – Success

Batman Night was a huge success! I have so many people to thank. Firstly, we turned the Community Room into Gotham City. There was an amazing skyline created with the help of Julien, Virginia, Donald, Ijaaz, Isaiah, Miriyam, Ibrihim and Aaron. A special thanks needs to be given to the Riley’s Lumber for donating the […] Read more >