Hollywood & Native Americans w/ Jack Brin

Tuesday, July 23
1:00 – 3:00 PM
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Reel Injun (55 minutes)

The era of the cowboy was fairly short, ending approximately at the time movies were born.  Thus, many early action movies were about cowboys and Indians.  Early on, the Indians were treated as savages to be exterminated, which reflected the government attitude from 1830 into the 20th century.   Some films portrayed individual Indians as heroic, and their parts were mostly acted by white men.  Later, some films, such as Dances with Wolves  treated Native Americans as human beings, and their parts were most often taken by Native Americans.

Join arts enthusiast Jack Brin to view films and film clips and talk about Hollywood  in this 4 part series, July & August 2019.  Brin is a former mathematics professor who also developed a music appreciation course for college students.  

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