Pop-Up Library at the Pool! With Popsicles

Prosser Public Library’s summer intern, Ja’nirah Polk

The Prosser Library did a Pop-Up Library at the pool to target children and teens to get them involved in what the library has to offer. A Pop-Up Library is a way to bring the library to people at various places and events in the community. The intent is to encourage more people to come to our library, and also inform them about our services and programs. Hot 93.7, the radio station, was giving out free hot dogs to the community, in the park, near the pool. The Pop-Up Library took place at a public event, which caused many people to notice and become interested in what our library has to offer. Many children gave us feedback and ideas for our library.

We had a sign that said “ANSWER THIS QUESTION TO GET A FREE POPSICLE.”  The people had to answer one out of three questions to get a Popsicle. We asked people to write their answers on a post-it note, along with their age, so we would know to which age groups the answers belonged. One question was, “How do you use the library?” The other one was “What programs do you want to see at the library ?” The last question was “What do you like about the library?” We wanted to give a variety of questions, so that people could choose which question they were most comfortable with answering. We wanted to get more feedback about the library to better accommodate our patrons. We gave out a variety of popsicles, to accommodate everyone’s liking. We had many flyers people could take, to get themselves involved in some of our programs. We brought and displayed a variety of books and DVDs of all levels to accommodate everyone’s reading level and everyone’s favorite genre of movie or book. We also had many signs to get people to know more about Prosser.

This event was a huge success because we talked to a lot of children, we got tons of feedback, and now we have more ideas on what our patrons want to see happen at the library.

Leave a comment if you have feedback or ideas on this event or other ideas of where the library should hold a Pop-Up Library.

Ja’nirah Polk
Summer Intern
Prosser Public Library
1 Tunxis Ave
Bloomfield, CT 06002