John’s Potato Salad

I once had the honor of eating John’s  Potato Salad. John is my co-worker at Prosser. I think he is amazing because for one he is UConn Legend, which makes him the elite of UConn Alums (Let’s go Huskies!) and second he makes an incredible potato salad. During a fall evening shift I was explaining to John how my sister won’t make her delicious potato salad for Thanksgiving and only occasionally does so for Christmas. I also confessed that I refused to learn to how to make the dish because, “I have a serious potato salad problem and if I know how to make it, I’d have a potato salad body.” Without fail, I will eat an entire plate of potato salad before anything else!

John has a great memory because right before Thanksgiving, he brought a huge tub of his amazing potato salad. My whole family passed it around the table. John’s generosity makes working at the library a great experience.

I asked him if he is sharing his recipe before the summer is over. Take a look below for the recipe:

John’s Potato Salad

White Potatoes

Hellman’s Mayonnaise

Dill Relish Boiled Eggs


Pinch of Salt & Pepper

Onions & Celery (optional; gives texture)

  1. Boil the potatoes on high heat until middle soft texture.
  2. Peel the potatoes.
  3. Dice the potatoes.
  4. Add mayonnaise and boiled eggs with the potatoes and mash together.
  5. Add dill relish and mustard while mixing until totally distributed.
  6. Add salt and pepper.
  7. Top off with paprika.

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