Ronda Has Joined The Revolution

Rohnda rousey - UFC champ

If you haven’t heard, women are taking over the comedy world and getting big numbers! Amy Schumer, Abby Jacobson, Illana Glazer, Amy Poeler, Tina Fey…etc. (Can you believe I can put an ETC?!!!!) Sarah Thomas just became the first NFL referee, Becky Hammon is the first women’s NBA coach and everyone is going wild about this Saturday’s Rousey v. Corriea fight.

And now in the crazy world of UFC, which when I was a young one was called “cage fighting”, is being taken over by Ronda Rousey. It’s really refreshing to hear grown men in awe at her athletic prowess. She’s appearing in movies, talk shows, award shows, magazine covers and people’s nightmares. In short, she’s a beast. She’s an Olympic Judo Medalist, undefeated in 14 MMA fights and won nine out of her eleven UFC fights by armbar alone. In fact, Rousey has solidified herself as sports legend with her armbar.

Want to see what a 14 second fight looks like?

Ronda learned this skill as a young girl and NO, it wasn’t because she was raised with a bunch of brother’s she had to fend off at dinner time (I’m so bored with this narrative). She has her skills because her mother was a World Judo Champion and saw that she pass on the family secret for the perfect armbar. It is said that Ronda’s armbar is so nuanced that what makes it effective cannot even be detected by the human eye.

She has a solid seat in pop culture appearing in Fast and the Furious 7, Entourage movie, and (dear god, she’s amazing!!) Expendables 3. She also threw shade at Flyod Mayweather after her ESPY win, calling him out as a long standing and well known perpetrator of domestic violence.

If you think Katy Perry and Taylor Swift had bad blood, Rousey’s feud has ignited the UFC world. After losing her title to Bethe Correia, Correia told Rousey not to kill herself and apparently its known that Rousey’s father killed himself (something Corriea claimed to be unaware of). Now Rousey is out for that bad blood and I’m sure many cannot wait to see it. As my co-worker Judy said, “I would NOT want to be on her bad side. She’s a goner. I want to know who wins that fight.” And my co-worker Ricardo put his hands over his face declaring, “Why?! Why would she DO that? When’s the fight?”

Isn’t it incredible when all generations are eager to see a fighting sport let a lone of the female persuasion. I like where this is going and all because of, “Rowdy” Rousey. THANK YOU.

Anyone know who the person with no sense of self preservation is??

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